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Why localization of software matters

Discuss the importance of localization in Media and Software Development with VEBCOM Translation at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam.
Arseny Veber
CEO, Founder of VEBCOM International and VEBCOM Translation
Today, the media and technology world is global as never before.

You may say, "For sure, software localization is important for international development. I'll take care of it once I'm finished with the development part. It's doing well in my local market for now."

So, why do tech companies quite often postpone this step?

For them, dealing with other languages and cultures they do not understand is not fun. Most of the tech companies view the translation service just as a cost, a line item on the budget.

But have you ever thought that this cost can boost your market reach without adding complexity to your code? Without involving your internal developers to work on additional tasks? Usually, translation and localization costs amount to only a small fraction of the overall budget but can really open up a revenue opportunity in the international markets.

True, English is the global language for software, media and entertainment. But most global markets will not buy and apply your software if you cannot offer an option to choose their local language. Localization of the graphical user interface, the on-line help and the documentation will rise your company above the competitors.

Here are just a few of advantages of the software translation & localization:

• Reach a larger audience by adapting your software to the culture of the target country,
• Multiply your international sales
• Gain a higher reputation as a reliable and responsible company that really communicates with its customers

So the message is clear:
only being the best in your neighbourhood is not good enough anymore.

If you want to reach out to the world and get more users from the international market, especially via the cloud, you have to be able to provide them with the product which match their cultural specifics.
Meet VEBCOM Translation on the 17-18th of October at IBC2017 in Amsterdam and discuss how translation and localization of media products can increase your international sales.

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