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Translation & localization for Media & IT - Expert interview at IBC365 in Amsterdam

Arseny Veber discusses the advantages of the software localization and its role in international development.
Arseny Veber
CEO, Founder of VEBCOM International and VEBCOM Translation
What is the Software Localization?

Software localization is a way to adapt a software product to an international market, not only to the special technical requirements of your target audience, but also to its cultural and linguistic characteristics.

Any software company which is aiming to succeed in global sales must ensure that its product meets the requirements of the target customer abroad.

Why is it important? English is an international "Software" language nowadays!

Well, for sure, almost everyone who attends IBC and can speak perfect English and use the software in English accordingly. That's why they are actually here.

But what about their local teams that deal with the software and hardware on a daily basis? Are you sure that all the technicians and operators of your client company can easily work with your product?

Even if your product is pretty cool and your potential clients are really interested in buying it, their teams may not speak English. They are simply not able to fully use all the best features of your product.

So, why not to help them get most our of your product and content? Overcoming the language barrier plays an important role in establishing long term business relationships.
Do you mean that the localization can help me win more international clients?

And not only win, but make them loyal for years and give you a huge competitive advantage in the global market!

Just have a look: according to the Internet World Stats 2017, only 25,3% of Internet users are online in English. Don't you want to multiply your international sales by reaching the rest of them?

The localization of your website, software or mobile app gives your product much more value and hence, attracts more customers and increase your connectivity with your targets.

Just to make it clear, is the software localization not the same as translation?

Translation to the target language is just a part of a software localization project. There are also other tasks running in parallel such as project management, software engineering, development and testing. So, it's necessary to closely work together with the developers and integrators to make all language versions work simultaneously.

A software product that has been localized properly, has the look and feel of a product originally created for the target market. And once it's done, it enables a much better customer experience which is actually the foundation of successful customer relationship and high reputation.

Customer experience is everything!

So, how does the standard software localization process look like?

Normally the standard localization process includes the following steps:

- Materials review and tool analysis,
- Analysis of the target customers, their cultural and linguistic patterns,
- Setup of terminology glossaries,
- Translation of the materials to the target language,
- Adaptation of the software user interface to the target language
- Localization of the graphic content and scripts,
- Compilation of the localized files
- Quality assurance and testing

What is the role of VEBCOM Translation in this process?

VEBCOM Translation has the biggest network of certified translators. Moreover, we work only with native speakers.

We take over all the translation tasks and deliver adapted content to be integrated by developers. Besides, due to our marketing expertise, we provide the clients with the full target customer analysis which includes cultural and behavioural charachteristics. It may help also build a proper marketing and sales strategy.

You work with media & IT companies. What challenges do many of them seem to face when attempting to adapt their products in new international markets?

Of course, media companies as well as Software & Hardware companies have to deal with multiple languages when selling their products to foreign markets.

But there are also cultural aspects which have to be taken into account too. It plays an important role when you adapt your graphic content for example. In some cultures, the meaning of some icons or symbols can be considered pretty offensive while in others it's in common usage.

Pricing is always an issue too. Different markets require different pricing models. Especially when the currency exchange rates are not so stable.

And the last one is speed! Long release cycles are a thing of the past. Nowadays, business have to incorporate agile methodologies for content and product development. In this case, the software localization, for example can really save their time, money and efforts in customer support and put more investments into development.

IBC365, Amsterdam

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