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17 NOVEMBER 2017

3 main benefits of human-powered translation

Leo Leonov
/ online project manager at Vebcom Translation
It's not a secret that technologies make our life easier. Effectiveness and efficiency are the two goals that we pursue in our daily business operations. Translation is not an exception. Google Translate. ABBYY Lingvo, Microsoft Translator for private and even for professional – they definitely help us improve our international communication processes. Obviously, all these services were designed by solid international enterprises that we all know well and trust... or don't trust.

No doubt, the rise of the machine translation is one of our key tools in todays international business relations as well as in everyday life. However, as per our own experience, the quality of online translation services is far rom ideal. Do you agree?

Look at these three major reasons why we choose human-powered translation instead of robots. Or at least together with robots.
Do you need to translate an important document from English into Arabic?

Well, if you don't speak Arabic, it could be a challenge as someone, who you can trust, should provide you with the translation. Someone professional, who knows the cultural background, the figures of speech, even slang! Probably, such an intelligent robot is just a matter of time, but sill, no one understands the culture and language better than the native speaker. For a certified and educated native speaking translator that won't be a case at all to make an accurate translation.

In the end, it's your choice, a logically written, accurate and understandable text for your audience or a word for word translation to make them laugh. Agree?
Need a time machine? Me too! Everyday we are in a hurry! Want to succeed in international sales? Speed up! Prepare an international marketing campaign to show you are the best? Speed up! Otherwise you are behind.

Speed is the key! However, for us translation is an art and it takes some time to provide the best possible quality. Thanks to Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, which are very widespread among many professional translators, the human translation process can compete with MT in the matter of time.

True, why not to combine human accuracy with computer performance. SDL Trados, SmartCAT, XTM – they all have terminology databases and translation memory, that can make the process fast, effective and efficient.
Some of the very famous MT tools are free to use. It helps you to save the budget. But is it worth?

Well, seems to be pretty attractive for those who always look for a free lunch. But if you need to translate some of your official documents, marketing materials, or business communication, choosing Google Translator is the last thing you want.

I am sure you don't want to be a showcase of that "Top-10 Weird Translation!"

Sometimes free online translator tools can cost you a lot. Even if your budget is tight, you still can afford a professional translator who cares of his reputation. The question is only how to find them? And here is where the agency enters the game.

But this is the next story.
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